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  1. Nevyn72

    6K opengate APC-mode in new firmware

    There seams to be a new hidden feature in the new firmware, although I do wonder if it really has a benefit over 4K because of the resolution in the sensor and the crop: What do you think about this 'hidden feature', is it something or perhaps just a bug? Mod edit to show the video directly...
  2. Nevyn72

    New firmware for the S5ii(X) coming!!!

    https://petapixel.com/2023/10/16/panasonics-s5-ii-gets-handheld-high-res-8-second-long-exposure-mode/ No word about the G9II autofocus modes, but we can hope.... However the stated improvements are also nice... I have also some vintage lenses I hardly use... But I will give them another shot...
  3. I

    Photography with disabilities and Lumix S

    To make a long story short, I have ulnar nerve damage that results in arm, wrist, and hand pain, Degenerative Disk Disease in my spinal lumbar, and fibromyalgia. This has resulted in my absence from regular photo shoots for several years due to chronic pain and limited mobility, but I miss it...
  4. S

    S5ii and DxO Photolab

    For those of you with S5ii's, DxO have just fixed an irritating bug with "Selective Tone" and "Exposure Compensation". Previously, lifting shadows in RAW files from the S5ii with either of these commands resulted in a lurid green caste over the raised areas. All fixed now!
  5. W

    Do you think the S5II and S5IIx differ internally?

    Having studied the S5II and S5IIx specifications and making the decision that, being a 70% stills/30% video shooter, the S5II would better suite my needs and I would save $200 (in the general scheme of things this is not a lot of money but I did not want to wait for the S5IIx), I am now...
  6. B

    How to patch S5ii RAW files to make them work in Affinity Photo?

    Hey folks, having recently switched from the S1 to the S5ii, I noticed that the "software environment" I worked in so far seems to be incompatible with the RAW files generated by my new camera. I tried changing the EXIF data (camera modem name) from DC-S5M2 to DC-S5 (or DC-S1), but this only...
  7. Lsake

    Test/ First Impression Impressions of the Lumix S5ii from a wildlife photographer

    Jeremy Neipp has been using Lumix cameras for wildlife photography for a number of years. I believe he normally uses an S1R, here he gives his opinion of the S5ii. As an S5 user myself, with a focus on wildlife it is a comfort to know that others are seeing the advantages and future potential...
  8. B

    Lumix S5ii video AF still (a bit) contrast based?

    Hey folks, I noticed something strange when using my new Lumix S5ii: When recording video (4k 24p) with continuous auto focus enabled, the camera seems to have problems focusing objects that have a plain color / no visual pattern. As soon as something more "contrasty" is in the focus box, AF...
  9. A

    S5II Excessive Image processing with Standard Profiles

    I currently do not own the S5II, but I do have the S5IIX on preorder. I also own the S5. I have seen a couple users mention the S5II standard type profiles (not Vlog) have excessive image processing for NR and lose fine details that the original S5 did not suffer. Here's an example from one...