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Do you think the S5II and S5IIx differ internally?


New Member
Having studied the S5II and S5IIx specifications and making the decision that, being a 70% stills/30% video shooter, the S5II would better suite my needs and I would save $200 (in the general scheme of things this is not a lot of money but I did not want to wait for the S5IIx), I am now intrigued to know if the two have different hardware internally or is it software and the cost of licensing for codecs e.g. Pro Res. Does anyone have any inside information on this? Apart from the blacked out logo and removal of the red ring around the shutter selection control, the two seem identical from the outside and, obviously, the software is different, but are there other differences e.g. processor, ram, IO devices, heatsinks etc.? I guess this would lead to the question, that if they were the same hardware, why can't you purchase a software upgrade for the S5II to get it to the S5IIx specifications.

My guess is that there is some hardware differences which make the upgrade impossible, otherwise it might have been offered as an upgrade to the S5II. If it is a software upgrade then the whole exercise is more of a marketing exercise. But what are they?
Considering only a $200 price difference, internal differences may be very few. I suspect that other than a minor circuit difference, the two S5II bodies are probably identical.