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How to patch S5ii RAW files to make them work in Affinity Photo?


New Member
Hey folks,

having recently switched from the S1 to the S5ii, I noticed that the "software environment" I worked in so far seems to be incompatible with the RAW files generated by my new camera.

I tried changing the EXIF data (camera modem name) from DC-S5M2 to DC-S5 (or DC-S1), but this only seemed to successfully fool the Apple Finder Preview, making it at least possible to get thumbnails and view the files.

With Affinity Photo though, I can't open the files at all, getting only a blank white image or red with some interesting patterns. I understand that the support for new cameras is getting added little by little, but I'd like to know: If I don't want to wait, is there anything I can do?

Is anyone of you using Affinity Photo (I or II) with the S5ii?
I think there is a change to the raw format on the S5ii, so this fix of tweaking the EXIF to reference an older camera won't work. I think you'll just have to wait for a new version of Affinity. Another option is to use Adobe's free CameraRaw software (which works with S5ii files) and get it to export to DNG. Affinity will (I assume) work with that OK. If not, you could try another non-destructive export format like TIFF.