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Sigma is one of the three cooperation partners within this new L-MOUNT alliance.

In my view, Sigma plays a very important role. They are able more than anybody else to chnage their existing fullframe lenses into native L-MOUNT lenses.

Panasonic will also develop new L-MOUNT lenses. Around 10 until 2020. But they did only MicroFourThirds lenses before, so it tales a lot more time for them to design new lenses for fullframe.

Sigma on the other hand has a huge range of lenses. With the Art series, which is of highest quality, compemorary line and the sport line, Sigma can very fast change the lens mount, since these are already fullframe lenses.

This is why Sigma announced, that they will offer in 2019 already 14 (!) lenses with native L-MOUNT plus more lenses for 2020.

Additionally, they will offer adapters to the L-Mount, so that you will be hard pressed to have a lens with whioch you can not shoot on an L-MOUNT camera ;)

Old Sigma User do not have to be afraid. Sigma said, that they will continue to produce lenses for the SA mount, because tehy are their customers!

Can you believe that? THAT is a statement! Do you know any producer, that acted like this? Sony? Nikon1? Canon?

I would say this is a real committment for your customers.









I recently purchased a Sigma SD Quattro H and Sigma's 14-24mm Art lens. The results are superb. My only regret is that I cannot use my legacy lenses, especially my Zeiss Contax lenses, because no adapter is available. A full frame Sigma L mount camera would be an ideal solution.

I am working on a custom adapter for C/Y to SA, but it looks like infinity focus will be impossible. It would, however, allow use of my Makro Plannar, in macro mode of course. I will let you know how it turns out.

Any idea when the new camera will be released?
Hi Ron,

Welcome At LMF33

What I did with my Contax lenses: I have converted them von C/Y mount to M42 mount. There are many cheap adapters at ebay for M42->Sigma SA
Well I'll try to get the list correct. RX, AX, 139, 167, RTS RTS II, RTS III, ST and a very old, perhaps 1954 model II. My favorite is the RX. Maybe I forgot one or two. I have 2 167s, one of which has never been used. There is a long story behind that one. I also have a G2 with four lenses.

I have many other film cameras as well, 35mm, medium format and one large format. I try to use them as often as I can find the time and opportunity.

Thanks for asking.
That sounds almost like my own story.

I used to have almist all Contax cameras. My last one was the Contax ND.

Over the years I sold all of them except the Yashica super 2000, which works even without batteries and 3 lenses.

That was really a good time then. The combination Kyocera for the high-tech bodies and Zeiss for the lenses was really good.

I hope that something similar will now happen with this new L-mount alliance.

Panasonic is really on the leading edge for newest technology well implemented, like Kyocera in the old days.

I am really excited about this alliance...
What I didn't mention was that non of my Contax cameras was working when I got them. Which means that I got them cheap. Which brings me to one of my other hobbies, camera repair.

I'm retired, and I have to keep very busy. Can't stand boredom.
I hope that the Sigma & Panasonic involvement to the L-Mount will result in similar progress as it was the case when Kyocera made the Contax bodies and Zeiss designed the lenses...

Most of the Zeiss lenses for Contax/Yashica mount were designed by Zeiss, but produced by Kyocera with quality control by Zeiss in the factory of Kyocera.