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News Sigma 28-45/1.8 DG DN

I’m not missing this one, but I do admire the boldness from Sigma if this is true.

I think there will be fans of this lens. It offers no big range, but it offers a range! So you have a 28,35 and nearly 50 in one lens at 1,8.

The question is the size compared to 2/3 fixed focal lenses and the final price.

But I totally agree, that this is a brave move, like the 1,4 fisheye. Even if the market is small for such lenses, it is great if a company can provide something like this.
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A Sigma 28-45/1.8 DG DN zoom could be really something. Depending on size, weight and price it could be a hit!

If it is not that big, it would be a great travel lens for many people.

Combine this with a Sigma fp or the new Lumix S9 and you have an extremely compact fullframe travel setup that blows every smartphone out of the water.
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Sounds a bit weird. There‘s no 24mm and no 50mm.
Surely Sigma doesn‘t want to stop the sales of their 24mm & 50mm primes.
Sounds a bit weird. There‘s no 24mm and no 50mm.
Surely Sigma doesn‘t want to stop the sales of their 24mm & 50mm primes.
The missing 24 could be a hint that the new lens will be not too big. The technical difference between 24 and 28 is huge… You can see this with the Canon f2/28-70. I don‘t want to know how this would have been looking like, if it started with 24…

At the other side the difference in viewing angle between 45 and 50 is for the user neglegtable!
Now this sounds like a very interesting lens, and one that only Sigma would ever dare to make. Essentially replace fast 28, 35 and 50mm primes with a single zoom - that's a concept a lot of people will like, but price and even more - size - will be the deciding factors. Sigma did the 18-35mm f/1.8 zoom for APS-C DSLRs and it's reputed to be very good, so I suppose this is an evolution of the concept.
I think it will be huge and heavy even on S5ii… If it is 500g or less WOW, and seriously interested.
@700g it is the weight two primes, would take it only if cheaper then 2 primes and has prime performance…. But part of the fun and challenge of a prime is that you have to walk and think about composition…

@700g it is also the weight of 20-60 + S 35/1.8, hmm
I think it will be huge and heavy even on S5ii…

No, i do not think so. Of course nobody knows it for sure, but if I would be Sigma, I would try to achieve with that zoom something, that did not exist before. I do not think that this will be an "Art" series lens. That would not make sense IMHO. We have enough Art alternatives in that range at the moment.

What is missing in the L-Mount lens line up are very small lenses. Zooms and primes. Everyone want to have smaller lenses. You will not fimd anybody who sais "give me a good image quality but make it huge, please". The very limited range from 28-45 would give the opportunity to design the zoom very small - even with F1.8 - and offer thanks to this really a niche product many L-Mount users would appreciate.

I am sure even new customers would enter the L-Mount with a zoom available like this. A similar game changer like the Lumix 20-60 zoom.

The Sigma 16-28/2.8 is 450g, the Lumix 20-60/3.5-5.6 is 350g and the Sigma 28-70/2.8 is 470g. you can see that all these lenses are below 500g although they use a more complicated design with a broader range/ more difficult range (the more WA you include) and still 2 of them have an F2.8 aperture through the whole zoom range.

My bet is the following: I would bet that this Sigma 28-45/1.8 zoom will be less than 450g, smaller (length and width) than the Sigma 16-28/2.8 and with a filter size of around 62mm or less.

Who bets against it?
If it is an art lens, which I would expect because of the max aperture, no. But I hope you are right

If it is significant heavier then Lumix S 35 I do not really see the point. Because if you have the space 28mm is one step difference from 35, half step from 45.

So I guess to be really successful it actually must be <= 450g

However a 1.8 full frame zoom looks also like a prestige ART lens project so less constraints on size and weight.
The Sigma 24-70/2.8 is 740g and the 28-70/2.8 450g, a significant weight and size difference loosing 4mm at the wide end but keeping the same aperture, but the 2 lenses have very different design goals. The canon 24-70/2.8 is 800g with an 82mm filter and the 28-70/2 is over 1400g with a 95mm filter thread. A huge increase, despite also loosing 4mm at the wide end, but gaining a whole stop in aperture, but in this case I think the design goals are more similar. Going to 1.8 would have made it even bigger.
If this rumoured 28-45/1.8 comes in at less than 450g, I would be surprised. How big it ends up being will be influenced by who Sigma is targeting and considering the odd range and aperture, that is a bit perplexing. Sigma doesn’t seem to mind very strong vignetting wide open in some of their contemporary lens including the 28-70/2.8 to make them smaller. To me it is more of an f4.0 lens with the bonus of 2.8 when needed. But even in that scenario, getting an 28-45/1.8 under 450g will be a feat. I’m inclined to think this will be another statement lens from Sigma with a niche appeal like some of their more recent ultra fast prime and will be on the large and heavy spectrum.
if it's under 450g.. oh man that would be awesome. I was planning to get a prime, but if this comes out soon - I might as well get it instead especially if it's that light and compact.
I doubt it will be either small or light, it's just not going to happen at f/1.8. The APS-C 18-35mm f/1.8 has a similar ~2x zoom and is big. For FF it will be significantly bigger with the corresponding weight.

That negates some of it's usefulness as part of the reason people use primes is that they're smaller, lighter and less conspicuous. This lens couldn't replace a 35/2 or 50/1.8 for pictures of my daughters or for street photography or candids, but it could be good for travel and general use.
Coming from L-Rumors the lens is supposed to be just under 1 KG. So a bit lighter than my trusty 35mm F1.2. Will be curious how the optics for this lens play out.
Coming from L-Rumors the lens is supposed to be just under 1 KG. So a bit lighter than my trusty 35mm F1.2. Will be curious how the optics for this lens play out.
@dirk what was the bet actually ? A good wine bottle?
It was just for the honor and obviously I lost...

Oh my God... what a big lens! 82mm filtersize...

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Wow - that's a whopper!

But I'm sure there will be some who'll think it fits their needs - maybe high end video shooters? Can't imagine it will be of enormous use for stills.