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*** May 2023 Image & Video Thread

While we're doing flowers, I'll add one more: it's one of the very first photos I took with the S5 and 20-60 back in 2021. The plant is a Thalictrum Delavayi (Chinese Meadow Rue) and I was lying on my back on the lawn trying to get a decent photo against the blue sky. I didn't spot the spider or its web until I came to process the RAW files!

Talking of tulips, I took this in our garden:

ature's Kaleidoscope Patterns by Paul Kaye, on Flickr

And this was the flower side on when it was closed:

Peach Tulip by Paul Kaye, on Flickr

As to rabbits... we're plagued by them. They dig the flower beds up, but they haven't (yet) got round to eating the tulips.

Pardon the phone pic, but this was the tulip bud carnage I came out to one morning, before these first buds had even peeked out from the top of the leaves :(
wanted to try ISO 12500
  • 35.0 mm
  • ƒ/8
  • 1/125 sec
  • Center-Weighted Average
  • ISO 12500
This is a regional 'Endeavour' railcar operated by NSW Trainlink near Gerringong on the south coast of New South Wales.

I took up my vantage point on a hill and had about 20 minutes to wait according to the timetable. It was a sunny afternoon although cold and windy. Unfortunately the train was running about 25 minutes late, by which time the clouds had rolled in from the ocean and it was raining. Oh well, still got a shot from a different location, and the S5 and 70-300 seem fine after taking a brief shower.

Crossing the Crooked River by Peter Watters, on Flickr
Hebers Ghyll in Ilkley. A series of bridges cross a stream and small waterfalls as the path climbs up to the moor. Sigma fp L and 24mm f/3.5.

Ilkley Moor in 65x24 XPan format.

I didn't live up to the song: I was wearing a hat.
  • VARIO-ELMARIT-SL 1:2.8/24-70 ASPH.
  • 70.0 mm
  • ƒ/5
  • 1/200 sec
  • Center-Weighted Average
  • ISO 100
'out of time' SL2S 24-70