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The first third-party L-mount autofocus lens?

Richard Wong

LMF-Patron Gold
Meike has just announced a new 85 1.4 AF lens at NAB. and most interesting thing is, it will also be available in L-mount

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I'm currently reviewing their new 85 1.8 AF for Nikon Z mount.. and i will definitely check with them and see if I can review the 85 1.4 L-mount when it's available.

(Slightly off topic, for those of you also shoot with micro four-thirds, I'm also reviewing the Yongnuo 12-35 f/2.8-4 AF lens for micro four-thirds )
Just ignore this post guys, i didn't notice Quentinquirelino already posted one in the news forum
we can continue the discussion on the other thread :)
If you could get your hands on the L-Mount version for testing, it would be great to know how the performance is on the DFD only Bodys. I wouldn't expect any issues with the S5II so.

As the original S5 is for sale for a discount and maybe some considering it as cheap entrance to full frame, they would be interested how the cheapest f1.4 lens available for the camera would perform.

Personally I'm very happy with the Panasonic S 85mm f1.8. But I'm hoping for other manufacturers to follow, as there are some interesting cheap third party lenses for other mounts.