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News New Meike 85mm F/1.4 STM Full-Frame Mirrorless Lens For L L-Mount (also E/Z/RF)


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Meike just announced the 85mm F/1.4 STM Full-Frame Mirrorless Lens, which will also be available for L-Mount. That makes it the first real third party AF Lens for L-Mount, since Sigma, as a member of L-Mount Alliance, can be considered as first party.


As 85mm are not rare in L-Mount, it is not the most exciting Lens. But maybe it is the first of more to come. Maybe other manufacturers will also consider to make AF Lenses for L-Mount.
Wow this really is great! If I knew this was coming I'd wait with my purchase of panasonic 85/1.8... Very interesting to see how it will perform optically and also it's interesting to see how it will be handled by DFD.
Certainly very interesting. I wonder why they don't just release the existing 85/1.8 in L-mount?

I don't see anything about when it will be released.