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Rumors Sigma super fast Full Frame prime lens for Sony E and Leica L


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The lately announced 500mm and the 15mm are just out for sale and the next Sigma lens already knocks on the door. Sigma will release a super fast prime, faster than f1.4, at the end of the month. Most realistic possibilities are 50mm or 85mm f1.2.
Faster than F1.4. Wow. Sigma has already a 35/1.2 for L-Mount. I am curious what it will be. F1.2 will not be cheap though....
f1.2 for me only means one thing, is is good enough wide open for astro photography? Otherwise I find this trend bizarre, 1/2 stop faster than f1.4 and I hate totally obliterated bokeh backgrounds. I actually love the background bokeh level I can get from 24-105 f4 so that says it all.

You may as well just buy one of the budget Chinese 0.95 jobs and have a play and brag about that and if you then really want the speed and DOF slam £1.5 - 2k on the Sigma.

It could be good fun for nighttime street photography too I suppose and the Sigma will have AF, whereas the Chinese ones don't. Not even the £11k Noctilux.

Always good to push boundaries though but none of them come close to the f0.7 lenses Stanley Kubrick owned and used in Barry Lyndon.:cool:
It's gonna be another 50mm! A fast 50mm f1.2 in size and weight close to the 50mm f1.2: