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On Tuesday Panasonic announced at Photokina two fullframe mirrorless cameras. The Panasonic Lumix S1 with 24MP and the Panasonic Lumix S1R with 47MP.

There is a mockup available but this does not have to look like the final product. Not that many features are known yet. Panasonic said, that there will be more information released in Spring 2019.

Prices and shipping date unknown.

So there is a lot of room for speculation :)

If I talk the next time with Panasonic, what would you be interested in?

Of course they can not tell me secrets, which I then post in public on the internet. But the more questions I get from you, the better Panasonic also sees what you are interested in...

So go ahead and post your questions...

In the mean time, I post here some images from the Panasonic Lumix S17S1R from the Panasonic booth.






Why does it look like the SL? Dont get me wrong, I love the SL, but Panasonic should differentiate.

Why not make a rangefinder style (like the GX) with a hybrid viewfinder like a Fuji?
Why not add a swivelling viewfinder so I can look from above?

Why not more compact, in the style of the Sony A7 series?

There are too many buttons at the back for the thumb, from AF to the stick to the one with grid lines and the video ... I should not press the wrong button nor have to look for the right button by taking my eyes off the viewfinder.

Did I see correctly that the SD Slot 1 is the bottom slot? My logic would dictate Slot 1 is the top slot. Designing counter to logic, makes things harder to use.
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Why does it look like the SL? Dont get me wrong, I love the SL, but Panasonic should differentiate.

I totally agree. I would prefer a more individual shape of a Panasonic body, similar to a Lumix G9 or the Lumix GX80/85