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Announcement New Lumix WA zoom and two new Lumix bodies...


Dear members,

Panasonic published their press release today for the already rumored new products. One wideangle zoom and 2 new S5 bodies. The livestream will be in a few hours (1pm EST).

The new 14-28/4-5.6 Macro (!) wideangle zoom with 77mm filter size has the same lenght and weight (ca. 346g) as the well-known 20-60 zoom. Thanks to this, they can be used on a gimble without changing anything.

The new Lumix S5 II and Lumix S5 IIx have both 24MP, both have now Hybrid AF system. A new PDAF (Phasedetections-Autofocus) plus the well-known Lumix DFD system combined. This is the first time that Panasonic uses PDAF in its ILCs

More details in the gear section.