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Hello from Minnesota, US


New Member
My name is Bruce and I am a wildlife and landscape photographer. My website is btleventhal.com and my instagram is @BruceLeventhal
I've been taking pictures since the 1970's and have shot everything from medium format film through the current range of products. Most of my gear is Nikon Z stuff for their amazing AF and 400 f4.5 and 800PF. However, I have recently purchased a used Leica SL with a Sigma DG DN 45mm f2.8. I bought this camera because I have always enjoyed the unique build quality that defines the Leica brand. While. realize that the Leica SL is not on target with my preferred genre, I do know that a new tool can inspire a different type of creativity.
I joined this forum because I am looking to build out my system a bit. I plan to use the SL for landscape and natural still life images. I know very little about the L-mount system and doubt that the $3000+ lenses are in my near future.
Anyway, I look forward to learning from experienced L-mount and Leica SL users.