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Videoclinic advice


Hi all,

Tomorrow I have an run-and-gun videoclinic in Amsterdam, and we are going to walk for several hours in the city and I'm keep wondering which lens I should take with me on my S5iiX body, I will film in 6K (not open gate)

- The light 20-60mm kitlens, but without IS and variable diafragma


- The (a lot) heavier 24-105mm F4 with IS and perhaps a slight more sharpness.

A third option is the 50mm f1.8, but I also want wider options and it is also without IS.

It will be very sunny and quite warm tomorrow in Amsterdam, so that has also be taken into equation.

Which one would you choose and why?

do you film only during daylight in Amsterdam or also at night?

I would pick the 20-60 zoom. In a city the 20mm is more worth than a longer tele and a very light combination.

If you are filming also at night or low light, I would add the 50/1.8 as a second lens just to be more flexible in this scenario.
Hi Dirk,

Thank you, i was thinking the same, especially because the ibis from the S5iiX is very good. But than i thought... No IS in the lens... So i became a bit insecure about it.

The clinic is from 15.00 till 18.00, so it will be only during the day.

But you made my mind at rest again, thank you