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Announcement To all dpreview users...


Dear members, dear dpreview users,

It is sad to see dpreview closing the doors. We will try everything that you will feel here "at home" and that you will not suffer too long from the dpreview exodus pain.

What you currently see is only the beginning. Nothing is set in stone here, so we can adapt and improve over time what the majority wants to have. Layout, structure, new sections etc. The sky is the limit. We will do whatever it takes to make all our forums the best resort for all dpreview users. No matter which brand.

So please tell your friends at dpreview and also the moderators, that they all can join us (no matter in which of our forums) and the moderators can also take here the role of moderators.

You find the list of all our forums at the bottom of this site.

Feel free to post in the suggestion section your ideas.

Your LMF Team
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