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Founder of LMF

since the L-MOUNT offers new opportunities to adapter other lenses to L-MOUNT cameras, I would like to start a thread in which we can collect all kind of adapters we are seeing to be able to use non-L-MOUNT lenses on L-MOUNT cameras.

I start with the announcement of Sigma at Photokina, that they will offer different adapters. Prices and availability is still unknown.


So these are already 4 adapters:

Sigma SA-L Adapter
Sigma EF-L Adapter
Sigma PL-L Adapter
Sigma M-L Adapter

As far as Panasonic told me, there will be no MFT->L-MOUNT adapters.

As far as I remember, there exists already an adapter from Leica:

Leica R -> L-MOUNT adapter

but that one is expensive (around 700€?)

Whatever you find on the net, please post it here.