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Somewhat obscure software updates


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As I have noted elsewhere, I am new to the L Mount and Lumix series of cameras and am a new owner of an S5II with which I am very impressed.

I registered the camera and lenses I have with Panasonic and was somewhat surprised that they did not let me know that there was a software update for the S5II (1.1 on 23 March). I was delivered the camera at the end of January so it had V1.0 firmware. I fell across the update in a review by the Hybrid Shooter who mentioned that some of the issues in V1.0 had been fixed with V1.1, so I went searching and eventually found it. It also had an update for the 70 - 300 mm lens.

However, given I am not familiar with Lumix, is this normal. For Fuji, Canon and Sony (and Nikon in the past) I would get notifications about an update with a link and not have to go and hunt it down once I even knew it existed. Odd for a very large company like Panasonic. Now I know, I have bookmarked the software update page and will regularly check for updates, Just curious really.
I would get notifications about an update with a link

Did you give Panasonic your email address while you registered the camera?

If not, how can they contact you? If yes, check your spam folder.

I think I am not registerd with Panasonic (shame on me), so I do not get their emails - if they send those emails at all, which I do not know.

But thanks to the Forum here, you will get that information early enough I hope.
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Yes they have my email address and their emails are not going into junk/spam. I always review the Junk/Spam folder before deleting, too many false classifications to not check each day. They are sending me info on the 3 year warranty and support period without a problem. So I think the problem is that they do not send any information. I did review the forum for info but could not find any information but that may be because I am not looking for the right thing. Again I only knew about the update due to a mention by one the You Tube photographers I follow.
I've registered my cameras and lenses with Panasonic but never receive any notification of firmware updates. I don't think they do this at all.

I've found that someone usually always posts about new firmware releases in the forums, and sometimes there will be a news article on various websites.
It pays to check the Panasonic firmware site now and then. They just released updates for a few S lenses. I have the 24-105 and updated that yesterday.
My local Panasonic (Australia) just tweeted about the firmware updates, so that’s another channel of information.

I think we have to make sure that we share news about firmware updates etc. timely in the forum.

If someone subscribes that subforum, he will get also emails about it.