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Sigma Photokina Event Palais im Park, Cologne


On Tuesday evening there was another event from Sigma. On that event Mr. Kazuto Yamaki (CEO Sigma) wanted to use the time to talk more in detail about what they are planning to do.




I will talk about that later on...
O.k. I uploaded most of the other images of that Sigma Event in the Sigma lens thread:


I do think that Sigma made at that evening a clear statement. No old Sigma user will be left in the rain.

There will be no other Sigma camera anymore with SA mount. Sigma is focussing now on the L-MOUNT for every new camera they will mak.

BUT Sigma continues to develop and produce lenses for the SA mount.


I do think that this is a great message for all Sigma SA users. There is no need to switch. You can take your time and stick with the SA mount, because alle lenses will be still produced and even new developed ones will be offered with SA mount. Only if you want to have a new body/new Foveon sensor, there will be none in the future with SA mount.
Here are some videos about the presentation Kazuto Yamaki held on that special Sigma evening. He talks about a new factory, the L-Mount system, new lenses and the new Sigma Foveon fullframe camera

(in this video he talks about L-Mount more specific, Sigma Foveon fullframe camera, SA camera and lenses)

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