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News Sigma lens discounts up to 31st of May (Europe)


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I just got a mail from Sigma's official dealer in Spain with the next group of discounts which run to the end of May. I would expect these to be replicated across the Euro zone and for equivalent discounts in the UK, going from past experience. The discount on the 24-70/2.8 looks to me to be the most appealing and gives a final price €50 less than I paid for mine 18 months ago.

24-70/2.8 - €200
105/2.8 Macro - €80
16-28/2.8 - €90
150-600 - €140
28-70/2.8 - €90
Until end of April, there are also discounts (in Germany at least) for several HSM lenses. I hope that this is a sign that we will see successors of these HSM lenses in DG DN versions soon.
I signed up a few weeks ago with Sigma Spain specifically to get notified about discounts, and got nothing :rolleyes:
Maybe a typo in your email address? Or the sending is delayed, depending on the amount of emails they do send out. Just try to subscribe again.

Worst case you have the L-Mount community to inform you! z04 dance00
Same official cashback in Germany:
In the Netherlands the prices dropped also on sigma lenses it seems.
Not only Sigma lenses, but also nice Lumix S5ii (x) combo deals. Primarily older Sigma HSM primes are discounted, and some of the dg dn zooms (like 28-70, 24-70)
I had a look on Sigma UK - didn't see anything there. Is this discount elsewhere (for UK)?
I had a look on Sigma UK - didn't see anything there. Is this discount elsewhere (for UK)?
Wex UK website has these and others non listed by Jonathon Mac, roughly the same though.

There are used 24mm & 35mm f1.4 on Wex too, the HSM Art version but at keen prices. Wex are great for used lenses, I've bought and sold gear with them. Here is the current list of used L-mount:

https://www.wexphotovideo.com/used-...-mount"&sort=sellingPrice asc&rows=12&start=0

Here is the Sigma L-mount list:

I had a look on Sigma UK - didn't see anything there. Is this discount elsewhere (for UK)?

You should see it on the home page: https://sigmauk.com

Incidentally, the previous £100 discount on some of the Art primes is still running until 30th April, and the 105/2.8 Macro is included in both that offer and the new cashback (£65 on that lens).
Thanks, I knew of the discounts through WEX but assumed this was something other. Actually I already took advantage of the discount on the 105 macro (and very pleased I am with it too!).