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News Sigma 24-70/2.8 MKii announcement next Thursday 16th of May


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I saw the usual no-info announcement from Sigma on IG but a little research shows this is likely to be the mark II of the 24-70/2.8. I've seen an image online, which might be genuine or could be AI-generated, and it mostly looked like the mark I but with an aperture ring.

So that'll be yet another one of my photography items which ceases to be a current product. The aperture ring is really the only thing missing from it and I've never understood why as I think Sigma were already adding them to other lenses when this one was released in 2019 but I'm not paying another €1000+ to change. The mark I is a superb lens. I think the newer one will be lighter weight as that's an area where Sigma have been making "progress" recently but I'm not convinced they aren't skimping on build quality under the hood to save that weight.
I also already have read about it. According to leaks it will be sharper, lighter, a little bit smaller and faster focusing. But the OG is already pretty good and if it's not to heavy, there is no reason to switch.
Although it is probably not something I would be interested in (still too big compared to my 28-70/2.8), I am thrilled that it has an aperture ring. Sigma is going into the right direction for my taste. Daumenhoch
The video was changed into private. Too late, we made the screenshots... Teufel Grinsend Schwanz

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If the optical quality of the new Sigma 24-70/2.8 DG DN II is even better than the MK1 version, this zoom could be all you need. me personally, I would have preferred a lens design with the focal range 28-90/2.8. But this is obviously very subjective.

I need the gap from 70-90mm more often than the gap of 24-28mm. And in case I need the 24mm, I can easily throw my Sigma 24/3.5 DG DN in my jacket, because it is so small and light. I can not do that as easy with a 85mm or 90mm FFL.

Therefore in case in the next couple of years, Sigma decides to offer also a 28-90/2.8 zoom, I would be all in for it. Because then I would have one lens with a zoom range for 98% of my use cases. That would be a very tough competition for my lovely Sigma DG DN primes, if I need to pack as light as possible for a trip.

The Leica 24-90/2.8-4 Asph. Vario-Elmarit-SL is a great product, but too heavy and to big for my taste. Steve McCurry is using that lens a lot as far as I know.
I can't see them bringing out a 28-90mm f/2.8 but hopefully a 24-105mm f/4 at 1/3 less cost than the Lumix, or maybe out-do it in range and make a 24-120mm f/4 like Nikon used to do.
Yes, could imagine that too. If you look at the L-Mount lens overview, there is almost none of the more traditional lenses or zooms missing. Let's assume all L-Mout partber fill these small gaps, then there is for the next 3-5 years a lot of time and R&D budget to bring out lens designs outside of the traditional thinking.

I am sure, everybody will focus even more on saving weight, reducing sizes and offer zoom ranges which are "unusual".
I think the 24-70 and 28-90 fans is something like the flippy or just tilt screen or the availability of the aperture ring: both functions are favorites of 50% of the people, so the companies can just do it wrong…

I bought the 24-70Art together with my S1R in 2020 and the quality of build and of pictures is great. Even with HighRes pictures from the S1R it delivers fantastic pictures. So no need to update here like I did from the old 1.4/50Art to the new 1.2/50. Fortunately I had waited to buy the new 1.4/50 and then the 1.2 was released. I expect this 50 is the final solution for a 50mm lens in the L-Mount system for me, independent what will come in future…

But still waiting for a 2.8/135 iSeries in good quality, lightweight and compact size!
Although it is probably not something I would be interested in (still too big compared to my 28-70/2.8), I am thrilled that it has an aperture ring. Sigma is going into the right direction for my taste. Daumenhoch
A used Leica 24-70 showed up locally for a very good price. I debated with myself, but eventually decided it was too big/ heavy and am considering the 28-70. I’m going to wait to find out more about this new 24-70 version, but it doesn’t seem to be a whole lot smaller and lighter. Are you happy with the 28-70?
Are you happy with the 28-70?

yes. But happiness always depends on use cases and expectations. I think for a 28-70/2.8 zoom it is very impressive regarding image quality.

My best primes are better, but by how much und who will care about that difference? This is the tough question everybody has to decide for himself. I use a 24MP sensor by the way.

Regarding use cases and shooting envelope: It covers 90% of my most used focal ranges. The Sigma 28-70/2.8 combined with my Sigma 90/2.8 increase this to ca. 98%.

But I still enjoy more to shoot with primes. Not because of IQ, but because of the feeling and "zoom by feet", because it slows me down. For me photography is not only about the result. It is also about the process to get the image.
Thanks Dirk. With the release of the 24-70 mark ii, would you consider switching from the 28-70? The reduced weight is nice, but size is much the same as the old one. I think the 28-70 would fit my needs better. I also like primes, but there are times when a zoom just works better. I’m not in a rush and will wait to see what the zoom lens on the Panasonic road map ends up being, or if it is an f2.0 or 2.8.
Thanks Dirk. With the release of the 24-70 mark ii, would you consider switching from the 28-70?

No, the Sigma 28-70/2.8 DG DN is the maximum size and weight I want to have for a zoom in that range at the moment.

I do not really have the need for 24mm. And I do not need faster AF for what I use my 28-70 for.
for me the same with the 24-70 V1. I get great results from my copy with the S1R, even with HR pictures! To have a faster lens only makes no sense until Panasonic will update the S1R...
There's no way they'd do that, especially now with the mark II of the 24-70/2.8 as it would take sales away from the flagship zoom. For plenty of people, myself included, weather sealing is one of the main reasons for going with the 24-70 instead of the 28-70.