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Sigma 20mm f/2 DG DN Contemporary (I-Series)

I tend to buy wide lenses and gave this lens a chance. It's good like most Sigma lenses have been. :)

View attachment 1172The Forum Shops by Guillermo Moreno, on Flickr

View attachment 1173Caesars Palace Las Vegas by Guillermo Moreno, on Flickr

View attachment 1174Lady Gaga "Telephone" | Panasonic S5 by Guillermo Moreno, on Flickr

I was also thinking already about the Sigma 20/2.0, although I am not a typical WA photographer. This is tough to decide. I wanted first to wait until Sigma releases a 28/2.0 DG DN.
Nice images.

I have read that this lens is very good indeed but I've got it covered by both my wide angle zooms so it'd be hard to justify to myself buying one for the extra speed, even though I prefer primes to zooms.