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News Samyang 35-150 f2-f2.8


Looks like it's coming soon!



That's 2 new L-mount lenses appearing in Wex UK in 2 days. What a contrast :p to my old Pentax system, the amount of new gear since I joined this year is staggering.

I wonder what the AF performance is like as I see linear 'stepping motor', I suppose you could find out from Sony forums as they have had it for some time I think. I was thinking sports application so AF would be essential.

Description says optimised for video which requires fast AF hence why my question about stepping (STM) motor.
It is available also from Walser:

1450 EUR, 17 June.
Just looked at the specs... it's beefy!
It's now also in preorder in the Netherlands, for about 100,- Euro more than the E-mount version, and shipping mid-july.

BUT the E-mount version has a rebate of about 200,- EURO till the end of august, and I do wonder if you would get the same rebate for the L-mount version, it doesn't like it, making the difference 300 euro!

Not that I would buy this lens, much to heavy for my use, I'm happy with the 28-200

I seen reviews of the AF and it's not the best (for sports if you have this in mind).

No I.S either which I come to love and needed yesterday getting buffeted by high winds up the mountain.

£205 GBP cheaper in Sony mount too in UK. Few here show much interest in it, there is so much choice and new L-mount lenses recently released.

I have a Samyang, the 14mm f2.8 adapted K mount. A cheap way to get a fast UWA buying used and adapt it. I must try it with video.