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S5 batteries on airplane



Quick question and maybe stupid to ask but it's the first time I'll be flying with my S5 and its batteries and heard stories about batteries that had to go at check in etc. Is there a problem with them and security? Do I need to put them in hold or can I have them in hand luggage?

Thank you!
Maximum allowed is 100Wh installed in the device and up to 160 Wh each for up to 2 spare batteries. They need to be in the cabin with the passenger and cannot be in checked baggage. Since the S5 and S5 II battery is 16Wh you are fine.
Never had problems with my S5 or other cameras in Europe, US and Asia.

Pay attention with Powerbanks and how much is allowed with the airline of your choice in both hand luggage and big suitcase checked in luggage.
Thank you! I checked with Easyjet after the previous reply and they said the same thing on their website about 100Wh...two spare batteries, one in the camera...should be enough if I take a charger. :)

Thanks guys!
I have flown in Europe with the maximum battery allowance (for a field recorder) and it was not a problem. Can get some strange looks from security and might be pulled aside to explain.

Camera batteries are not even an issue.
I have travelled over most of the world and have several million miles under my belt with camera batteries and have never had an issue. The current crop of Apple 16" MBPros have 100 Wh batteries precisely because of these limitations. Battery packs for portable lighting can be an issue as they are usually quite large but are usually less than 160Wh and are fine as long as they are removed from the light units, you limit the number to 2 and carry them in cabin and do not check them. As was mentioned by dirk above you have to be careful taking anything like a large power bank, as it is easy to exceed 160 Wh.
Lithium batteries shouldn't be checked in in case they explode, so should always be in carry-on luggage. Given what genuine spare batteries cost these days (€80 for the S5!!) I would never check one in anyway as I count them as valuable items!
Batteries were no problem but not enough time for taking photos was - the beach was too nice! :D Still got a few shots, here are a few. Thanks again for your help!


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Thanks a lot guys! First time taking my camera a bit further away and now already thinking about going back there. :D