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Real Time Lut or My Photo Style?


I am a little confused. There are LUTs and there are REAL TIME LUTs in Lumix S5ii.

Can you help me, please. I want to be able to choose a different lut for Street Photos and Scenery (as an example). I am saving photos both in raw and jpeg in the camera. I would like to keep the raw files untouched and have the luts affect the Jpegs.

You go to settings->Image Quality->PhotoStyle. There you can select styles; Standard, Vivid etc, My Photo Style1 and Real Time Lut.

You can use My Photo Style or Real Time Lut for your personal Luts. What is the difference? So you can put your personal Lut to My Photo Style1 or you can put it in the Real Time Lut.

ps. sorry I asked the same question in dpreview. Just I just thought maybe this is a better place.
Information is all there at Panasonic itself.
Specially video output benefits from it. (Not RAW pictures related)

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Real time lut is more for baking in a (conversion) lut in to your vlog video. The my photo styles is pointed towards photography with a luts added over a existing color profile.
For photos using the Real Time LUT feature, Lumix recommends choosing "MyPhotoStyle" instead of "Real Time LUT" photo style.
I was told the reason is that "Real Time LUT" photo style uses V-LOG as the base photo style, V-LOG is designed for 10-bit video so it won’t look as good for photos.

Another good reason to use MyPhotoStyle is that most of the creative LUTs available were designed for Rec 709 colour space, so they would look really desaturated/flat if you apply directly to a VLOG base profile capture.