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Once a Panasonic, always Panasonic!


New Member
Hello my dear friends. I am Andreas, from Greece, and i am an enthousiast photographer. I love the art of photographing expression. Joined the L mount system because i believe the quality of that system is awesome. I am a Panasonic fanboy sisnce birth!!!. I hope her we can discuss and learn new things about out common passion. Glad to meet you.

Welcome Andreas!

I share your enthusiasm for Panasonic gear.
I also love any company that contribute to imaging perfection. I just happen to love Panasonic because any of their products I ve owned proved to be near perfect and reliable. Besides, Panasonic re the global video leaders since mid 60s, the inventors of mirrorless world, and not a company that re based on marketing tricks, bell's and whistles. Panasonic re producing technology, they don't just advertise it. Panasonic re for those who know. Not for those who re told to. I don't have any economic or commercial association with the company. I am just in love with them.
I know Panasonic already over 30 years ago. From answering machines and rice cookers. They always have been of very good quality and were always among the best, if not the best in it.
I know Panasonic already over 30 years ago. From answering machines and rice cookers.
I know Panasonic from a lecture I gave at their Osaka headquarters over 30 years ago. Their hospitality was so wonderful I have been a fan of the company ever since. But I really got into Lumix mirrorless cameras when they introduced 10 bit video and made professional video practical for small cameras. And yes, good quality, good ergonomics, and very reliable.
I started my Panasonic trip with FZ10 20 years ago. It had a superzoom fixed lens. I liked the idea after SLR and a big lens bag. After that I went to Micro4/3 which was a little compromise as weight and price. When I decided to go full-frame this year I looked at Nikon too (they said that it is what pros use ;-) ). After evaluation in internet I got to conclusion that Pana is still ahead when you look at the mirrorless market. So it seems that I am a Lumix fan now. Let's hope that they will stick to cameras (not like Olympus) and keep bringing new objectives to L-Mount.
I started with video as a hobby and got a second-hand Sony camcorder which was already quite old for the day as my first camera. Once I got a decent income and could purchase a 'proper' camcorder I got a Panasonic one (nv-mx300) with DV-tapes. Not that long ago I got it out to play back some old tapes and it still worked. The only reason it got retired was because the batteries got worn out and the cost of purchasing new ones just wasn't worth it anymore given its age. The world had moved on to HD cameras and SD card recordings, so then I got the HC-X920. Better image and sound but the handling felt like a step back. It later turned out to be the last 3mos camcorder produced by Panasonic. A bit more than a year ago I finally made the switch to an ILC camera (S5) as consumer camcorders were essentially a dead-end market by then and I wanted to focus more on photography. Video is more involving when recording and distracts more from what is going on around you and involves a lot of time editing afterwards. Photography can be done more casually which is also nice sometimes. And for those occasions I want to do video the S5 is an excellent machine for that although I might still break out my camcorder for certain occasions as the two are almost complementary in capabilities and strengths and weaknesses.
I always considered Panasonic to be a bang-for-buck brand. Not the cheapest (or most expensive), but you get excellent value for money and reliable products.