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No rumors about a Sigma DGN DN 28/2.0 or a rangefinder style Lumix camera or a light tele zoom

Dirk, your comments here echo much of what I have written in other threads.

The lack of a non-niche 28mm lens is perplexing. To forestall the inevitable response, 24mm is not a replacement. I have long found that 28mm is the widest I want to go without dealing with perspective distortion. Those "trick wide shot" photos are fine... but 24mm is neither one sheep nor the other, not wide enough for architectural interiors for example. It completely eludes me why they have become popular. (With my kit I bought the Lumix 35mm, because I'd rather that than going wider than 28mm on a prime.)

The need for a small body is also apparent, if only to compete with other brands. My priority is to have a smaller, lighter unit to carry around all day. That's why I stuck with MFT for many years. Olympus E-P5 + VF-4 + 14mm + 45mm = 590g and fits in any bag. Lumix S5 + 35mm + 85mm = 1365g but much bulkier, requiring a dedicated camera bag. The lenses are actually the lightest in their class but are bulky. The camera is distinctly bigger than others from Sony and Sigma.

For me a rangefinder shape is not necessary. If Panasonic want to release the Lumix S7 as a smaller SLR body, I'd be fine with that.

Above there's a picture of a woman looking down into TLR glass. That's my favourite way of using a camera, and why I remained with the older model PEN E-P5 with the 90 degree viewfinder. If you want inconspicuous, that is the ultimate. With the camera held close to your chest, no-one even knows you are taking a photo. This has also worked well for me when sitting in an audience.

So, yes, I want to retain the stills and video facilities of the Lumix S5, improve the viewfinder to match the other models, improve/streamline the interface and menu system, and reduce the size and weight by about 200g. This might look to some like asking for the moon, but other brands show it can be done. (Sigma fp L + EVF-11 = 530g.)
As a left-eye-dominant person I'd have no reason to buy a rangefinder-style camera. As for how people react when seeing the photographer, I'm skeptical over whether that has anything to do with the camera style or how much of the photographer's face they see. In my experience it's really only the size of the camera and lens and the working style of the photographer that impact this. People are very aware of being photographed with a FF DSLR with a stonking 85/1.4 on it while a smaller camera and lens combo will be far less intrusive (such as the K-3 and DA 70mm I have from Pentax). This is one of the reasons I chose the compact Sigma 90/2.8 over the Lumix 85/1.8 as a short tele. If you really want your face to be visible then shoot just away from your face using the screen rather than the viewfinder.

I certainly don't think that Panasonic has a large enough market share to justify what is essentially an S5 with the viewfinder in a different position.

As for the lack of 28mm lenses, that's been discussed quite widely and it's one of the obvious holes in the L-mount. I would hope for an I-series lens (f/2 or f/2.8) to fill this hole sooner rather than later.
As for how people react when seeing the photographer, I'm skeptical over whether that has anything to do with the camera style or how much of the photographer's face they see.

I would just like to emphasise that this is culturally determined. Here in Ireland people can be very suspicious of photographers, especially if they look "professional".