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News No new L mount Sigma FF camera in 2020, 21...


New Member
Very bad news guys: Sigma announced they have to completely restart the Foveon L-mount camera project. This means we will not get the camera in 2020 and likely not in 2021/2022 neither.
I'm sorry, I can't post links to the news yet.
Thanks for the heads up. This is indeed very sad. I hoped so much for a new Foveon camera.

Here is a link with the press release.

On the other hand, I prefer this waiting than having a mediocre product already in 2020.

We all want a Foveon fullframe camera. We all want it as soon as possible. But we also want to have a mature and good camera.

So this is a compromise I can live with, although it is very hard to wait and wait and wait...