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New Light Lens Lab "M to L close focus adp."

Please post your experience with it as soon as you have it.

QyCamera has it listed on its ebay store:

On the website of Light Lens Lab I found only the normal adapter:

Maybe they will list it later on. I contacted them and asked them to put it on their website.
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As I said yesterday, I contacted LLL and they immediately reacted and send me images of that adapter.




They will update their website soon.

Additionally, LLL registered here in our forum and will be able to answer questions, if you have some. So feel free to ask.
Well my adp. showed up on Thur 02/29 and it looks just as good as the pic's above. Fit's on my Sigma fp nice and smooth and works, on some of my other m to L adp"s I have to mount them once or twice before the camera will recognise that there is a lens on the camera and the viewfinder wakes up. No such problem with this one, also all the lenses I have tried fit right on the adp. nice and smooth. And the chrome matches the Leica chrome lenses just fine. If it will stop raining which is not going to happen for up to a week, what fun...

Also the close up focus extension is very smooth and dampened nicely well worth the price.
I'd love to see more adapters for vintage lenses that allow close focus. I know they exist for Fujifilm but arr very expensive. I'd buy close-focus adapters that worked with Pentax K or Minolta SR lenses on an L-mount camera.