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New L Mount user coming from DPR


New Member
Hi, coming here on the recommendation of the L Mount forum on DPR. I am new to the L Mount, having just purchased the Panasonic Lumix S5 II, along with the 20 - 60 lens and adding the 70 - 300 to complete my starter lenses for camera (I have the 14 - 28 on order). I am a Sony A7RIVa shooter and needed a lower resolution and more video centric solution so looked at the S5 II now that it has PDAF. I am an amateur who makes some money on the side and have been shooting photographs for more than 55 years, I am a retired electronics and software engineer who loves photography as the perfect blend of art and science. I have owned and used all the current common mirrorless solutions (Canon R5, Nikon Z6/Z7, Fuji XT- 2/3/4 series). I still own and love my Fuji x100V. I am very impressed with my S5 II and it is my current ’take everywhere’ camera as I learn how to get the best out of it. I find it suites me well and it gets out of the way when taking pictures.
Hi wh1tby,

Welcome to LMF33
It is always good to have members, who used already different systems, Makes it a lot easier to explain to newbies differences, pro and cons, before they invest into a new system
As a side not: If you are still also interested in other systems, feel free to join also our sister sites. All sister forums are listed at the bottom of this pages with links to them.
Hi Dirk,

Thank you for the welcome and look forward to discussing experiences with my new S5 II. Noted your reference to the forums related to the other cameras I shoot, much appreciated.