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New firmware for S5II released

Updated the body. There is clear difference between settings and for me the default value (speed) is just fine.
They don't mention in the changelog, but this also addresses the problem in dark areas of the JPEG format shots, where the built-in sharpen algorithm produces what looks like a "galaxy" of stars. I'm amazed this wasn't mentioned more or highlighted in any reviews, as it looks dreadful.
Here's a sample JPEG, all stock settings, showing the effect on black areas in bright photos (I've had to reduce the quality to 60 to upload it in this forum).
This was reproducible on all in-camera JPEGs when there is a lot of very bright content with some very dark areas, but the RAW images showed none of these artefacts, and I even tried a replacement S5ii with the same issue.
It appears to be an issue caused by the lens sharpening algorithm, as it's reproducible by applying "Len sharpness" in tools such as DxO Photolab.
The new v1.1 firmware has obviously been quietly patched to address this issue.

View attachment sample_galaxy_s5ii_DxO.jpg