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Announcement Monthly Challenges update - get ready...


Dear members,

we tested a lot the last couple of days to bring you the best out there for our future monthly challenges/ photo contests. We finally decided for a software system to be able to make it as anonymous as possible. The image shall be in the focus, not the photographer/creator or his buddies ;)

I do not want to repeat everything again. This would be too much for an announcement :)

You can read about our journey and the final guidelines for the future challenges in the forum. Click here.

There is a new section just for challenges in the forum. You will find there already two test challenges. One is finshed, one is open. Feel free to play with both around to get familiar with it.

In the forum navigation bar at the top is also a link to the subforum for challenges.

As soon as we are finished today with cleaning all up, we could start today or tomorrow already with our first challenge, which would need to be a shorter one, since we already have April 18th. Or we wait until May. This is up to you. Leave your comments in this discussion thread.

Your LMF team