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LUMIX Lab app


I just checked in Google Play but the app is not available yet.

It is supposed to be available for android users starting today, 5/29:

Where are you, LUMIX Lab app? Z04 Computer Haukaputt
I read somewhere: Android 29th of May, IOS "soon", but i also don't see it in the Android market store... But it is still early in the day
Panasonic confirms that the app will be compatible not only with the S9, but also with the S5 II, S5 IIX and G9 II. But, Panasonic has not yet announced when the necessary firmware updates for these cameras will be available.
Just tried it out for editing a couple of S5 photos, works fine. Transfer from camera with Lumix Sync, edit with Lab. All on my cheap Chinese Oppo phone Daumenhoch SmilieDaumenhoch Smilie

Edit -how's this for easy? Browsing on my PC, clicked the link in this thread, chose my phone as destination for installation, clicked OK, a minute or so later the phone in the other room dings, pick it up, message on the screen saying successful installation. Could. Not. Be. Easier. Impressed

Edit 2 -it looks like I can also install it on my little Chromebook. Bonus
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