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Lumix 20-60 rear lens cap


Active Member
My rear lens cap from my 20-60 keeps falling of in my bag. Doesn't matter if I switch to the one from my other lenses or even the Sigma one. It is very very loose. So I'm sure it's not a lens cap thing..is this what others are experiencing ? It annoys me like hell. Maybe the mount of my 20-60 is just a tiny bit too small ? It seems attached sturdy enough to my s5ii.
Just checked mine and it stays on tightly.
Mine screws on, similar to how the lens screws on the mount, so I don't see how it could come loose unless some internal part of the plastic cap broke off.
I visit the dealer today and they don’t understand it either. Don’t want to find the lens in the bag all the time without rear cap accumulating dust and particles. I have guarantee so they let Panasonic sort it out at no cost for me. This means I’m out of 20-60 for weeks
They tried the same rear cap on another 20-60 and it was fine. On al my lenses it is fine. Somehow something with the mount of the 20-60 I suspect. Although it attaches firmly and works fine on the body. I didn’t notice it immediately because I used that lens most of the time. Not switching lenses too much on the go.