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Announcement Let's make a Lumix S9 party today!


Dear members,

we have already a very active discussion about the new Lumix S9 rumors in the forum. But now it is getting real!

Today is the day of the announcement of the new Lumix S9. Today at 3pm London time, 10am New York time and 11pm Tokyo time the NDA ends and we will see all information available.

As usual, there will be many YouTube reviews available then.

We want to make a new camera announcement this time differently. We want to make an Lumix S9 party in the forum. z04 dance00

We will link and watch all together the different YouTube reviews and discus the different reviews together in the forum. This will be fun!

Join the discussion thread now and do not miss at 3pm London time the countdown for the reviews! Here is the link at L-Mount Forum:

Your LMF team