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Leica press conference at Photokina - L-Mount announcement


I was at the Photokina Press events on Tuesday. It was an exciting day. Although runors told us already that there is something in the bush, you newer know for sure what will really happen.

So I entered the pres room for the Leica press conference and saw on the left hand side this (always click on the image to get a larger image):


O.k., i thought, now it is no rumor anymore ;)

Then the press conference started.


The introduction from Matthias Harsch, CEO of Leica


Of cause Leica starts to talk about the less interesting products first, to hold the tension :)
Leica Sofort in black.


The Leica App is actually very interesting. If it really delivers, that would be a relief. I hope that this app will not only work with Leica cameras, but also with Pansaosonic and Sigma cameras, which share the L-Mount in the future. o.k., taht might be too optimistic. But the Panasonic app is also really good.


Then Leica talked about their new Medium Format camera. The Leica S3


And finally we got the Leica Roadmap for Leica SL lenses. There are 6 lenses already available. Another 2 Leica SL lenses will come in 2019 and another 3 SL lenses in 2020.

This is important to know, because these lenses fit the L-Mount and in case you buy a Panasonic or Sigma camera in 2019 with L-Mount, they can also use these lenses. This is like MFT with Olympus and Panasonic.

And we have it in front of us. All 3 together from Sigma (Kazuto Yamaki, CEO), Leica (Andreas Kaufmann, major shareholder) and Panasonic (Tetsuro Homma, CEO) on the same table to discus the reasoning why they decided to make this L-MOUNT alliance.


After the press conference the important photo with all three together.

Sigma (Kazuto Yamaki, CEO), Leica (Andreas Kaufmann, major shareholder) and Panasonic (Tetsuro Homma, CEO)
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