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Announcement L-Mount lens database updated


Dear members,

we updated the lens database for L-Mount lenses. 5 new lenses have been added. All of them are from Sigma. 4 fullframe lenses (=DG) and one lens for APS-C sensor size (=DC).

14/1.4 DG DN Art
17/4.0 DG DN
23/1.4 DC DN
50/1.4 DG DN Art
50/2.0 DG DN

Until now (June 2023) Sigma alone has launched 6 new lenses for the L-Mount in 2023. This is very impressive. There are almost no gaps anymore to fill in the L-Mount lens system. 69 native lenses so far. Only for special requirements or convenience (weight & size) I can think of some other lenses,

The link to our lens database is at the top of the forum in the navigation bar.
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