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Interview at Photokina with cinema5D


In this Interview Kazuto Yamaki will talk about the reasons behind joining the L-Mount Alliance and what to expect from Sigma.

Around 3 years ago, Sigma wanted to develop their own fullframe system with Foveon sensor. But after a certain time they decided that it will be better to make it with Leica and Panasonic together.

On one hand Sigma has already thanks to MicroFourThirds (MFT) a long lasting relationship with Panasonic and Panasonic has on the other hand already a long lasting cooperation with Leica.

So they decided to work together with the L-Mount. But this cooperation is only an agreement on the lens mount used and they share only the specifics of that mount with each other. They do not disclose to each other what kind of lenses or cameras they are planning to produce.

This sounds similar to the way how the cooperation in the MFT system works. Same lens mount but internally a healthy "competition" so that everybody really tries hard to develop the best product.

We can therefore expect both many lenses for this L-Mount system and also different choices for the same focal lenghths at different price points and different sizes/weights.

These are very good news!

As a side note: Sigma has not decided yet whether they will develop lenses for the new Canon R system or the new Nikon Z system. They need first to get the products in thier hands and check how difficult it will be to develop something for these new lens mounts.

My guess is that we will see faster Sigma L-Mount lenses than Sigma lenses for the Nikon Z mount or Canon R mount.