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I joined a few days ago but think I should introduce myself.

I re-joined world of photography with the birth of my daughter in 2006. I chose a film Leica R9 over the digital cameras at the time as it was comfortable to hold, all the dials were in the right place and I could use it without a manual. I am an amateur who enjoys landscapes and portraiture.

My current favourite digital camera is the Leica SL and I have the 24-90 but also use it extensively with adapted lenses. I think this camera is almost perfect. The CL was too small for me. I am looking forward to Sigma and Panasonic releases. I also have about 40 film cameras, from Leica, Olympus OM, Canon FD, Nikon F and Contax; as well as Hasselblad and Rolleiflex. My regret is not enough time anymore to enjoy them all.
Hi Sandokan,

Welcome to LMF33

Glad to see more and more Leica users here. At the moment, only Leica has products for the L-Mount availabe to buy.

So we rely on your experienve with your SL.

My regret is not enough time anymore to enjoy them all.

Sounds familiar.. :oops:

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The SL viewfinder is the best and I am surprised that almost 3 years after its announcement, nobody else has come close (the closest is the Leica Q).

There are a few things not perfect with it:
A dedicated ISO dial.
Focus peaking with the horizon lines showing.
LCD labels on the four buttons to show what you have them setup for on long and short press.
I never looked through a SL2 viewfinder. When I am visiting Leica; i will try to do that though, to compare it with others...