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Hey there


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Not so good at speeches, just thought I'd say hello. Been shooting m4/3 for the last 8 or 9 years due to size and weight, shot Canon 35mm format before that, Canon APSC before that, and a digital bridge camera before that. And film many moons ago.
Things change and move forwards, 35mm is now pretty compact and very reasonably priced with lenses such as the Lumix S50 1.8, Lumix 20-60mm and Sigma 28-70mm 2.8. So I jumped back in with an S5. Love it. Great little camera. Bought a Viltrox EF to L mount adaptor at the start to try out some of my Canon EF lenses I had kicking around, but have stuck with the Lumix lenses. They're really really great value, and produce excellent results. I did add the Siggy 28-70mm f2.8 for a little bit more versatility, & am well pleased with it. Very compact and light for a 2.8 zoom. May pick up something like the Siggy 17mm f4 at some point for ultrawide duties, but that's about all I can currently see in my future. It's a great invention is L mount. Mount sharing done right.
Hi Markus,

welcome to LMF!

but that's about all I can currently see in my future.

Wait what kind of lenses will come in the future and what others show here with their lenses and let's talk about the amount of lenses you own in i.e. 1 year again :)

It is like a drug....