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Hello from SoCal


LMF-Patron Gold
I have had Lumix S1, S1H and S5, and now have just the S5II in L-Mount, and expect to upgrade to the S5IIx at some point. I'm a hybrid shooter, with emphasis on both photos and video, and for video I focus almost entirely on HDR, aimed for large screen TV. I started shooting hybrid with the EOS 5D Mark II in 2008 when Canon first introduced full HD video on a DSLR, and have done some professional work but this is now mostly private travel logs for friends I travel with. The S5II is ideal for this - it is easy to set up and handle in any video or photo situation, a pleasure to work with and great performance. I also have a Lumix GH6 M43, as a video companion to the S5II, especially when I want longer reach without the size and weight of FF lenses. Finally I have a Sony A1 when I need high burst rate, such as wildlife, and I shoot some 8K video with it.
Welcome. One day I'll learn how to use the video button on the camera, but for the moment I'm definitely not a hybrid kind of guy!