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Hello from Munich, Germany


Another DPReview refugee ;-)

I started with a cheap Nikon APSC to test if I even liked photography, then when it fell and broke I upgraded to mirrorless MFT. Back in 2015.
Then one day, as I was doing landscapes, I realized that my G9 Hi-res picture was so much better than the normal one, but I hate tripods, so I bought into Sony FF (I do lots of video).
But I never warmed up to the many flaws of the A7r3 (IQ being definitely NOT a flaw, great pictures!), so finally I sold and went to S5M2 recently- I keep FF for short focal lengths, MFT for telephoto (and DJI mini 3 pro for droning).
I am well covered gear-wise (the 20-60 has surprised me, such a great lens), but I hope I can upgrade my ageing G9 to the mark2 being a mini GH6 with DP AF (hopes up). Currently I use the EM5.3 for MFT video, but the codecs are 8 bit and a bit meh, the IQ does not mix well with the G9 (which mixes perfectly with the S5).
On the L-mount side of things, I await the rumored 28-200 as an always-on option for hiking, and look with interest the primes (24-ish) and light telephotos.
As a leckerli, a picture for you:


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