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Hello from Finland


After dpreview closing announcement, I needed a new home. I have long history as a hobbyist photographer. I got my first film SLR (Chinon cm-4s) in 1984. Having various point and shoot cameras and Nikon DSLRs, I landed in the world of MFT. A couple of years ago, I sold my Olympus gears (E-M1 and E-M1ii) and moved into fullframe and L-mount with S5 (which I upgrade to S5ii). I still have my tiny Panasonic GX800 for travels. The whole set with various lenses fits in the pockets!

I mostly shoot nature like landscapes and close-ups/macros. And of course my relatives in their ceremonies and parties.
Hi Jomppak,

Welcome to LMF33

It is funny to see that so many users use MFT and L-Mount at the same time. I do that too. You might be interested additionally also in our www.MFTcommunity.com sister forum.

There is a thread about the differences between S5 and S5mkii going on. Paul is considering to buy one. Maybe you can add your experience to it.

Enjoy the forum!
Hi @jomppak ! Yes, I’d be very interested to hear your thoughts of S5ii vs S5.

I came to LUMIX FF via micro four thirds (but I ran Canon FF before MFT) yet do still keep a foot in the MFT camp. In my case, it’s a little Pen F with a few of the small primes. It’s a great street and social occasion camera.