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Hello from England

Hi my name is Mark, I’ve been a Micro Four Thirds user since 2011 and recently picked up my first L mount camera, a Lumix S5ii.

Looking forward to chatting with you and exploring what L mount has to offer.
Hi Mark,

Welcome to LMF33

great to see so many MFT users also here in the L-Mount.

In case you will use also in the future MFT parallel to L-Mount, please also have a look at our MFT community forum. We try to build this up the same way as here the LMF. Same software etc. Therefore it is easy easy to switch back and forth between the two. This is the URL:

Hello Mark, welcome.

I shoot a little M43, as well as a S5IIx. Mainly because the telephoto lenses are smaller.

And Dirk, thanks for pointing out the MFT Community Forum.
Hi Charles!

Yes, the thought of lugging around some of those massive full frame zooms is not very appealing to me.
Welcome Mark! Good to see you here. I used m43 almost exclusively from 2013 to 2023, mainly with Olympus gear. But I switched to L mount in late 22. I really do love the LUMIX gear and the results I’m getting. I’d been keeping a foot in the m43 camp with a pen F, but sold that just this week, so I’m now all in with LUMIX FF.
Hi Mark, welcome! I'm new here too having just moved over from Olympus/OM after a lengthy time with m4/3rds and 4/3rds before that.