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Have you seen...? How to quote just a sentence

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With this software you have more than one way to quote. You can quote by using the buttons for quote for example.

You can also do multiquotes with that feature.

But there is a third way how to quote here. Just individual words or sentences.

Forget the old dpreview time with quotes of 150 lines or more of text.

You can quote here spot on. Only that what you want to. With one click only. Easy.

This is a game changer for flat view!

  1. Highlight the words within the text with your mouse
  2. Right-click on "reply".
  3. The highlighted text will be inserted in your textbox where the curser has been the last time
  4. Write your comment under the quote
  5. Highlight the next phrase you want to comment on etc.
  6. Publish

See also this video

This also works in a thread with several postings and quotes of different postings by the way
Not open for further replies.