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"Guten Tag" from Germany


Hello fellows,

my name is Niels. I´m trying to participate here with my refurbished school English. Let´s see if it works... Z04 Essen

Since 2009 I have been a user of Panasonic´s MFT, starting with G1, followed by G2, GH3, GH5 and G9 as the main bodies. Currently I am still using G9, GX9 and G110 with a bunch of lenses.

2021 I entered the full frame section with the stunning S5. After a while I felt to need a 2nd body, so I purchased a Sigma fp which turned out to be not usable. It´s not a bad camera but operability and AF performance were significantly worse than the S5. So it had to go. Finally I got a used S1R for a decent price, and that giant became my 2nd body.

After the release of the S5II I had tested it for 3 weeks, but it didn´t convince me in terms of AF performance. I am no videographer, so I couldn´t benefit from the better AF. Photo-AF didn´t seem an improvement to me. I checked it with BIF and was really disillusioned about the new "Phase-AF". As I didn´t need 3 fullframe bodies, the S5II had to leave.

I´m still hoping that Panasonic will bring out an improved AF, faster sensor read-out and animal eye detection. But nevertheless I am contented with the S-series.
My lenses: Panasonic 20-60, 70-300, 35/1.8, 50/1.8, 85/1.8, Sigma 28-70/2.8, 150-600 and 135/1.8.
Welcome to LMF33

You have a nice setup already. I can not guarantee that you might not spend even more money after joining here. Just as an info in case your wife has different expectations... Z04 Wife
Welcome Niels!

As Dirk said, you have a very nice S-series setup.

I am surprised you did not keep the S5 Mark II. Aside from your comments about the AF, were there any other differences that you noticed for photography?
Willkommen Niels,

wir kennen uns bereits mehr oder weniger aus dem Systemkamera-Forum :)
Willkommen Niels.

Thanks for your views on the S5ii. I have an S5 and really don't see a compelling reason to upgrade at the moment. I too bought an S1R once I fully committed to L-mount, but whist I really liked the hi-res EVF, the 47Mp, and the two-axis tilt screen, I found the camera overall just too big and heavy. It took me back to Canon FF DSLR days and I sold all that back in 2013 in favour of Olympus m43. I'm hoping for an S1ii that gives me a better EVF experience than the S5 and a higher res sensor (50Mp or thereabouts would be real nice).