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Greetings from Western Canada, good health to everyone.


New Member
Casual photographer, working towards competence in video. Mostly use Sigma glass in EF mount and adapt to L and m43. Hoping to use Sigma fp as future system, using Panasonic bodies now. Majority of use daylight for photo, and mixed light for video, some experience streaming with Atem from Panasonic bodies. Transitioning from Lightroom to CaptureOne, angry with ON1 and OnOne/Genuine Fractals, building an editing workstation in 2021 using 2012-2014 components. Majority of lenses have focus gears installed, including Panasonic lenses, learning to pull focus with Nucleus system. No one in my area using L mount it would seem, don't really care for Facebook as much, trying this group out for feedback in learning L mount system with focus on strobe, video, and raw profiles. Regards.