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First cheaper 3rd party gear AF lens for L-mount


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And the rumors keep coming:

First cheaper 3rd party gear AF lens for L-mount:

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I meant third-party
Page can now not be found? I still have a screendump of it:

The more choice, the better. We will have to wait how the image quality will be compared to the Sigma 85/1.4 DG DN Art.

But the price is attractive.
I think the more companies build lenses and other accessories for the l-mount, the better! But actually I think there is no lack of lenses, there is a lack of different cameras, especially fast or small...

My S1R is still a very good camera, but the AF is really outdated. The SL3 looks nice, but the price is from a different world and the AF can not compete with Sony or Canon.
The Sigma fp and fp-l are very interesting, but as a photographer (no video) these cameras lacks some features standard today, mainly the EVF. The external EVF is no option for me, with this added the camera is not the same ...
Panasonics S5II is a great camera but needs some other siblings in different directions to make the complete system more attractive.

The available lenses from Panasonic, Sigma and Leica together with already available third party from Laowa or TT-Artisan give a huge selection. If Samyang and others will join the party there is everything you want. But in terms of bodies there is not everything you want...