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Announcement Changes regarding news/rumors section


Dear members,

time flies fast. When I launched LMF during Photokina 2018, only few lenses and bodies were available for the L-Mount. The News & Rumor section played in the following years the most important section.

Today this is different. Today we have around 80 native lenses from the L-Mount alliance of Sigma, Leica and Panasonic available plus many third party offers. Not that many rumors will pop up and these can be handled in the lens or camera section as well. As a consequence we merge the two sections News/Rumors with the appropriate forums for lenses and cameras. That will make it easier to follow and streamlines the forum a little bit.

If there are news/rumors in the future, just head over to the appropriate section (either lenses or cameras) and add next to the title the tag for rumors/news.

Your LMF team