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Rumors Blackmagic Cine L-Mount camera


Active Member
There is a new rumor, that Blackmagic will join the L-Mount Alliance and release a L-Mount cine camera.

What do you guys think about this? I think it's good, when the alliance is growing. Personally I would prefer some more photo oriented company.

There was a hint of this on the Blackmagic Forum, but just speculation. The concept expressed there is they need to go to a mirrorless mount to have access to more lenses, and L-mount might do that, especially with all the adapted lenses.

I am a fan of Blackmagic, and always wanted a Mini Pro 12K, but never had a project that would justify it. But if they made a full frame L-mount version, and I already had all the lenses it would be more tempting.

DJI is part of the L-mount alliance, but we never see them on this forum. I don't know what other photo camera companies might be candidates.
This makes sense for BM, since they already offer cameras with MFT mount. The cooperation partner is with L-Mount again Panasonic and Panasonic is pushing the L-Mount very strong into videography.

The more choice, the better for us! z04 dance00