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Announcement Bigger upload size limits and tutorials for uploading images


Dear members,

we experimented a lot over the last 4 weeks with different settings for image uploads, to find the best compromise between convenience and server load.

We are proud to announce, that you can now upload up to 10 MB files and the forum software will do the work for you to fit into the forum.

If you want to use even bigger files, you can embed images from your preferred webhoster without a limit.

If you want to have the best image quality possible, the best way always is to do it yourself in your favourite image editing software and after that upload the final image to the forum.

We updated the tutorials about embedding images for Flickr, PBase and 500px.com in the FAQ for uploading images.

If you are interested in other image hosters, please post your desired webhoster in the suggestion forum and we will try to test it for you.

Your LMF team