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Any new news regarding the Sigma 70-200?

I really want to wait for the 70-200 but I don't know how long that will be... so I am considering the Lumix 70-300.

I'd prefer the Sigma to go along with my FP L - any skinny out there?
There was an interview with Kazuto Yamaki about 3 months ago (I'm not going to link to the tracker-ridden rumours websites that carried the story) where he said Sigma were working on a "different" 70-200 f/2.8 that would be available "sooner rather than later".
Yes, I saw the interview, that was early March this year, but he first talked of the lens in Feb 2020 so not holding my breath. Saw elsewhere that the latest Sony 70-200 2.8 was a Sigma design (whether that is true or not who knows), but that supposedly is the reason for the delay. There is definitely room and need for an alternative to the too large and too hefty Panasonic 2.8.. and given Canon's RF 70-200's (which are more compact, lighter weight and great performers) have been out there a while now, I hope Sigma have looked at them and put their design team to work, and I would like some more idea of when to expect.
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when you see the 2.8 ART sigma lens, I don't think the 70-200 will be less large and hefty :D

but we need a 70-200 with a great Q/P like another art lenses
I would also prefer a smaller & lighter version of a 70-200 zoom range.

My guess is, that Sigma will either announce it before the summer vacation period to profit from these "for my vacation" buys or they will wait until October for the christmas season.

If they want to sell for the vacation period, they need to deliver the lens within the next 6-7 weeks. Afterwards it is probably too late.
I think Panasonic dropped the price of their 70-200 f2.8 quite a lot.
It is likely still much more expensive then an upcoming 70-200 f2.8 Sigma, but offers a lot of performance and features. It's a little bit a pitty that Sigma was not able to use the time to release their lens as long as Panasonic still wanted to have the full price ;-)
I'd second the desire for a much more compact 70-200/2.8 (and an even smaller f/4) along the lines of the Canon RF lens. It'd be nice to have such a lens that wasn't too big to travel with.
Such good news, hoping for a similar to RF 70-200's reduction in size and weight, presumably there will be some out in the wild somewhere for testing.. will be keeping my eyes peeled:)
Chris and Jordan at PetaPixel put a review up of the new lens yesterday.